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Magical Moments was the first educational establishment for my two infants. My son, in particular was a challenge to all and had a few physical and speech development needs. Right from our initial meeting with the team at Magical Moments, we were filled with their enthusiasm, willingness to consider the individual needs of our children and management efficiency.

Within twelve months, with our son in particular, we saw dramatic improvements in the learning and behaviours of our children. Their enthusiasm and interaction with fellow children and, indeed, the adults around them, became boundless and a ubiquitous community bond was developed with the team at Magical Moments, us parents and the children.

While we transferred to Hong Kong SAR for work purposes, we will never forget how the team from Magical Moments helped to give a significant head start in the development of our two infants. We wish the team every success in the future and thank them for their everlasting contributions.
MM Preschool Ltd.
Miles Lynn
Father of two pre-school Children - Hong Kong
We have put both of our girls through Magical Moments and have had a brilliant experience from start to finish. Our girls have loved every aspect of the preschool and easily settled into the warm, friendly environment. The staff are fantastic and have been very supportive all the way through our years with them. We will miss the Christmas plays, but take away some lovely memories and thank everyone there for making our time with Magical Moments special.
MM Preschool Ltd.
Nikki Kane
Mummy to Darcy & Harriet - Woking
Both our boys went to magical moments and they loved their time there! They were very sad to leave when it came time to move on to big school. The staff were brilliant and very welcoming. They helped to build the boys confidence in all aspects of socialising and learning. They were always willing to listen and were very adaptable to the boys needs, we couldn't have asked for a nicer team to look after them!
MM Preschool Ltd.
I have sent both of my sons to Magical Moments PreSchool. The staff at Magical Moments are enthusiastic, approachable, and clearly committed to creating a happy and safe environment for the children in their care.

They work closely with parents to resolve any issues or concerns which may arise, and will happily call/receive calls to reassure parents who are worried about a child who might have difficulty settling. They have worked hard to ensure just the right mix to ensure a setting with clear rules and discipline which nurtures and encourages children to have fun, play, interact with others and really express themselves as individuals.

I felt that my children were appreciated for their own qualities by all the staff, and notably their key workers. This is not a "one size fits all" preschool; the care is tailored for each individual child. I would not hesitate to recommend Magical Moments Preschool - my children have thoroughly enjoyed their time at the setting and I have always felt very comfortable leaving them there. My youngest is leaving Magical Moments in a few weeks to start Primary School and as a parent I will miss the staff and the preschool immensely.

I cannot thank the staff enough for the care they have given both my sons, and wish them all the very best for the future. Lizzie, Sharon and team - you do a wonderful job!!
MM Preschool Ltd.
Jane Hubble
Mother of 2 Boys - Woking
I put both my younger boys at Magical Moments as I believe it is the best pre school in Woking. The staff are all friendly, approachable & enthusiastic. They are firm but fair & give cuddles where needed! There are clear rules for the children to follow, a good structure for the sessions to help them get ready for school but also free flow play.

One of my boys took a while to settle but the staff were endlessly patient & they gave me the confidence to persevere which resulted in him loving going to preschool & set him up for year R. My youngest will be leaving at the end of term & I will be sad to say goodbye. Thank you Sharon, Lizzie & all the team, your hard work is appreciated & I think the job you do is fantastic!
MM Preschool Ltd.
Philippa Macdonald
Mum to Alex & Matthew - Old Woking
Both of our boys have been to Magical Moments and I have to say that they have both thoroughly enjoyed their time there. The staff have always been patient, ever so helpful and absolutely fantastic with the kids, so much so that the kids are thrilled to spend as much time at school as possible. Kids always walk in with smiles on their faces, always happy to be there. My boys have received quality care and thrived with enthusiasm to want to learn and explore more thanks to the time and commitment of the staff. Thank you all for being so fabulous, you will all be missed as we take the next step to reception.
MM Preschool Ltd.
Anjana Vassanjee
Mummy to Mikhal & Shahil


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